Cantus (Songs)

Latin, Italian, Russian, and English hymns I like.
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Hymns for Vigils through the year
Hymns for Lauds through the year
Hymns for Vespers through the year
Hymns for Compline Canticles of DantesOther


Break Open, You Heavens (Roráte coeli)


Eternal Light (Candor ætérnæ)
Jesse's Root (Radix Iesse)
What Child is This (unabridged version)
You Come Down from the Stars (Tu scendi dalle stelle)


Vigils (any day) Giver of the highest gift (Summi largitor præmii)
Sunday Vigils Taught by mystical custom (Ex more docti)
Weekday Vigils Now the acceptable time (Nunc tempus acceptabile)
Sunday Lauds Bowed down, let us all pray (Precemur omnes cernui)
Weekday Lauds Let the mind’s shadows now split apart (Iam, Christe, sol)
Sunday Vespers Kind Maker, hear (Audi, Benígne Cónditor)
Weekday Vespers Jesus, you hallowed forty days (Iesu, quadragenariæ)

Holy Week

The king’s flags (Vexilla regis)


Dawn reddens with light (Auróra lucis rútilat)
Foreseeing the Supper of the Lamb (Ad cenam agni próvidi)
Creation resounds (PDF file)

Canticles of Dante

Virgin Mother, Daughter of Your Son (Vergine madre, figlia del tuo figlio)
The Hour that Turns a Sailor's Yearning (Era Già L'Ora Che Volge il Disio)

Hymns for Vigils through the year

Rising by night (Nocte surgentes)

Hymns for Lauds through the year

Sunday Eternal designer of all things (Æterne rerum conditor)
Monday Splendor of fatherly glory (Splendor paternæ gloriæ)
Tuesday A pleasing dawn announces (Pergrata mundo nuntiat)
Wednesday Night and shadows (Nox et tenebræ)
Thursday Behold the fiery sun (Sol ecce surgit)
Friday Eternal glory of heaven (Æterna cæli gloria)
Saturday Dawn sprinkles the sky (Aurora iam spargit)
Sunday Behold, now the night’s shadow (Ecce iam noctis)
Monday Splendid giver of light (Lucis largitor splendide)
Tuesday Eternal maker of light (Æterne lucis conditor)
Wednesday Illustrious fashioner of the ether (Fulgentis auctor ætheris)
Thursday Now, by a rising star of light (Iam lucis orto)
Friday God, you are heaven’s light (Deus, qui cæli lumen)
Saturday By the light of a renewed day (Diei luce reddita)

Vespers Hymns through the year

Sunday O perfect creator of the light (Lucis creator optime)
Monday Immeasurable maker of heaven (Immense cæli conditor)
Tuesday Earth’s mighty maker (Telluris ingens conditor)
Wednesday Most holy God of heaven (Cæli Deus sanctissime)
Thursday God of great ability (Magnæ Deus potentiæ)
Friday God, crafter of the human race (Plasmator hominis, Deus)
Saturday God, font of all things (Rerum, Deus, fons) (mp3, ogg)
Sunday O light, O blessed Trinity (O lux, beata)
Monday Light’s font, light’s origin, true light (Luminis fons, lux)
Tuesday Author and prince of time (Sator princepsque)
Wednesday Behold the sad, slow, setting sun (Sol, ecce, lentus)
Thursday Lord God, with a brilliant light (Deus, qui claro)
Friday The eleventh hour having passed (Horis peractis undecim)
Saturday God, creator of all (Deus, creator omnium)

Compline Hymns

Favorably regard, O Christ (Christe precamur adnue)


We praise you, O God (Te Deum)
Canticle of the Wedding of the Lamb (Revelation 19⋅1-7)
In Praise of Divine Love (Lode della carità divina)
Where Charity and Love are True (Ubi cáritas)
You at the Center of my Heart (Tu al centro)
You are my Life (Tu sei la mia vita, ossia Symbolum ’77)
O Christ, eternal Word (O Christe, Verbum Æternum)
Свет невечерний (O Sun of Charity)
Господи помилуй (Lord, take pity)
Dulcis Christe (O sweet Christ)




The following sources were used to generate SVG images of chants. No copyright infringement is intended; they are placed here with the intention of fair use: I have copies of the documents and post them mainly so I can use them when I travel, but also in the hope of stimulating others’ interest so that they investigate the sources and buy them. The following tools were used to generate SVG images of chants, which are all free and open source.