Æterna cæli gloria

Slower Faster

  1. Da déxteram surgéntibus,
    exsúrgat et mens sóbria
    flagrans et in laudem Dei
    grates repéndat débitas.

  2. Ortus refúlget lúcifer
    ipsámque lucem núntiat,
    cadit calígo nóctium,
    lux sancta nos illúminet.

  3. Manénsque nostris sénsibus
    noctem repéllat sǽculi,
    omníque fine témporis
    purgáta servet péctora.

  4. Quǽsita iam primum fides
    radícet altis sénsibus,
    secúnda spes congáudeat;
    tunc maior exstat cáritas.

  5. Sit, Christe, rex piíssime,
    tibi Patríque glória
    cum Spíritu Paráclito,
    in sempitérna sǽcula. Amen.
  1. Extend your right hand to those rising from sleep,
    and let a sober mind rise up
    and blazing into praise of God
    may it repay its beloved debts.

  2. Dawn’s light-bearer glitters
    and announces its own light,
    night’s darkness falls back,
    may a holy light illuminate us.

  3. Remaining within our senses,
    may it cast out the night of this age,
    and may it keep our hearts purified
    until time draws nigh to its end.

  4. Now may the faith sought first
    take root in our deep perceptions;
    secondly may hope rejoice with it;
    then may a greater charity stand forth.

  5. Glory to you and to the Father,
    Christ, most tender king,
    with the Spirit Paraclete,
    into eternal ages. Amen.