Aurora Lucis Rutilat

From the Abbey of Solesmes' Liber Hymnarius
(A loose translation of mine -- the reader can find another translation at Thesaurus Precum Latinarum)
Auróra lucis rútilat,
cælum resútat láudibus,
mundus exsúltans iúbilat,
gemens inférnus úlulat.
Dawn reddens with light,
the sky resounds with praise,
the exulting world rejoices,
the weeping netherworld wails,
Cum rex ille fortíssimus,
mortis confráctis víribus,
pede concúlcans tártara
solvit caténa míseros.
When the strongest king
treading with his foot through hell
with men broken by death
breaks their chains.
Ille, quem clausum lápide
miles custódit ácriter,
triúmphis pompa nóbili
victor surgit de fúnere.
Though soldiers keep keen watch on him,
closed as he is in the tomb,
he rises, a triumphant conqueror,
with solemn procession from the grave.
Inférni iam gemítibus
solútis et dolóribus,
quia surréxit Dóminus
respléndens clamat ángelus.
Now, with the weeping of hell
and the dissolving of pains,
a shining angel cries out,
for the Lord has risen.
Esto perénne méntibus
paschále, Iesu, gáudium,
et nos renátos grátiæ
tuis triúmphis ággrega.
Perennial Paschal joy may you be,
O Jesus, to our minds,
and join us, reborn of grace,
to your procession.
Iesu, tibi sit glória,
qui morte victa prænites,
cum Patre et almo Spíritu,
in sempitérna sæcula. Amen.
Glory to you, O Jesus,
who with the Father and the blessed Spirit,
outshine conquered death
from age to age. Amen.