Pange lingua (Sing, my tongue)

Slower Faster

  1. Nobis datus, nobis natus ex intácta Vírgine,
    et in mundo conversátus, sparso verbi sémine,
    sui moras incolátus miro clausit órdine.
  2. In suprémæ nocte cenæ recúmbens cum frátribus,
    observáta lege plene cibis in legálibus,
    cibum turbæ duodenæ se dat suis mánibus.
  3. Verbum caro panem verum verbo carnem éfficit,
    fitque sanguis Christi merum, et, si sensus déficit,
    ad firmándum cor sincérum sola fides súfficit.
  4. Tantum ergo sacraméntum venerémur cérnui,
    et antíquum documéntum novo cedat rítui;
    præstet fides suppleméntum sénsuum deféctui.
  5. Genitóri Genitóque laus et iubilátio,
    salus, honor, virtus quoque sit et benedíctio;
    procedénti ab utróque compar sit laudatio. Amen.
  1. From an intact Virgin given to us, born to us,
    and dwelling with us, scattiring the word’s seed,
    this stranger by his marvelous order closed the obstacles.
  2. On the night of the last supper, lying with brothers,
    having observed the law in full in legal foods,
    with his own hands he gave himself as food to the troubled twelve.
  3. The Word-made-flesh changed bread into true flesh by a word,
    and made wine the blood of Christ. Should our senses fail [to perceive],
    faith alone suffices for the sincere heart to affirm it.
  4. Therefore, let us bown down and venerate so great a sacrament,
    and let the old rite give way to the new;
    let faith grant what the senses need in their failure.
  5. To the Begetter and the Begotten be praise and jubilation,
    greeting, honor, excellence also, along with blessing;
    and to the one proceeding from both be equal praise.