Precemur omnes cernui

— Liber Hymnarius

  1. Bowed down, let us all pray
    and let us each cry out,
    let us plead before the judge,
    let us bend vengeful wrath:

  2. By our evils, O God, we have offended
    your clemency;
    remitter of sins, pour forth from above
    your indulgence upon us.

  3. Remember that we are yours,
    formed by you, although fallen;
    nor, we pray, might you give
    the honor of your name to another.

  4. Mitigate the evil we have done,
    increase the good we have desired,
    by which we might at length please you
    now and always.

  5. Grant, blessed Trinity,
    concede, simple Unity,
    that these rewards of moderation
    might be fruitful to your children. Amen.

— Hymnbook of Solesmes Abbey