Audi, Benígne Cónditor

  1. Kind Maker,
    hear our prayers
    poured out with tears,
    made holy by a forty-day fast.

  2. Blessed examiner of the heart,
    you know our infirmities;
    show us who have turned back to you
    the grace of remission from sin.

  3. Indeed, we have sinned much,
    yet spare us who acknowledge it,
    and for the praise of your name
    heal our feebleness.

  4. Grant that, through abstinence,
    the body's influence might be ground away,
    so that a sober mind may directly
    fast from the fall of sin.

  5. Grant, blessed Trinity,
    concede, simple Unity,
    that these gifts of mercy
    might be fruitful to your faithful. Amen.