Veni, Creator Spiritus

Qui dicéris Paráclitus,
Altíssimi donum Dei,
Fons vivus, ignis, cáritas,
Et spiritális únctio.
You are called the Paraclete,
Gift of God Most High,
Living font, fire, charity,
And spiritual anointing.
Tu septifórmis múnere,
Dígitus Patérnæ déxteræ
Tu rite promíssum Patris,
Sermóne ditans gúttura.
You the sevenfold gift
Finger of the Father’s right hand,
You, duly promised of the Father,
enriching the speech from our throats.
Accénde lumen sénsibus,
Infúnde amórem córdibus,
Infírma nostri córporis
Virtúte firmans pérpeti.
Enkindle a light for our senses,
Pour love into our hearts,
Strengthening with lasting excellence
our bodie’ wounds.
Hostem repéllas lóngius,
Pacémque dones prótinus:
Ductóre sic te prævio,
Vitémus omne nóxium.
May you drive the enemy far away,
and grant peace at once:
with you leading us as our commander,
may we avoid any guilt.
Per te sciámus da Patrem,
Noscámus atque Fílium,
Teque utriúsque Spíritum
Credámus omni témpore.
May we come to know the Father through You,
and may we also recognize the Son,
and may we believe in you, O Spirit,
no matter what, at every moment.
Deo Patri sit glória,
Et Fílio, qui a mórtuis
Surréxit, ac Paráclito,
In sæculórum sǽcula. Amen.
Glory to God the Father,
and to the Son, who has risen
from the dead, and to the Spirit,
for ages of ages. Amen.