Sol ecce surgit

Slower Faster

  1. Tandem facésset cæcitas,
    quæ nosmet in præceps diu
    lapsos sinístris gréssibus
    erróre traxit dévio.

  2. Hæc lux serénum cónferat
    purósque nos præstet sibi;
    nihil loquámur súbdolum,
    volvámus obscúrum nihil.

  3. Sic tuta decúrret dies,
    ne lingua mendax, ne manus
    oculive peccent lúbrici,
    ne noxa corpus ínquinet.

  4. Speculator asta désuper,
    qui nos diébus ómnibus
    actúsque nostros próspicit
    a luce prima in vésperum.

  5. Deo Patri sit glória
    eiúsque soli Fílio
    cum Spíritu Paráclito,
    in sempitérna sæcula. Amen.
  1. At the same may blindness depart,
    as for a long time headlong
    it dragged the fallen by faithless steps
    in wayward wandering.

  2. May this light bring serenity
    and may grant us, pure, to itself;
    let us speak nothing sly;
    let us turn to nothing dark.

  3. Thus let the entire day pass,
    may neither lying tongue, nor hand
    with deceitful eye commit sin,
    nor poisons soil the flesh.

  4. A watcher stands above,
    who through all our days
    watches us and our actions
    from first light to evening’s dusk.

  5. Glory to God the Father
    and to his only Son
    with the Spirit Paraclete,
    into eternal ages. Amen.