Iam Christe, sol

  1. Dans tempus acceptábile
    et pǽnitens cor tríbue,
    convértat ut benígnitas
    quos longa suffert píetas;

  2. Quiddámque pæniténtiæ
    da ferre, quo fit démptio,
    maióre tuo múnere,
    culpárum quamvis grándium.

  3. Dies venit, dies tua,
    per quam reflórent ómnia;
    lætémur in hac ut tuæ
    per hanc redúcti grátiæ.

  4. Te rerum univérsitas,
    clemens, adóret, Trínitas,
    et nos novi per véniam
    novum canámus cánticum. Amen.
  1. Giving the acceptable time
    and grant a repentant heart,
    so that good will might convert
    those things your kindness has long born;

  2. Grant as your greater gift,
    that we might bear
    some penance that might be a removal,
    of as many great faults as possible.

  3. The day comes, your day,
    on which all things will flower anew;
    let us rejoice in it so that
    through it we may be led back.

  4. O clement Trinity,
    may everything adore you,
    and let us who are renewed through grace
    sing a new song. Amen.