Æterne lucis conditor

Slower Faster

  1. Iam cedit pallens próximo
    diéi nox advéntui,
    obtúndens lumen síderum
    adest et clarus lúcifer.

  2. Iam stratis læti súrgimus
    grates canéntes et tuas,
    quod cæcam noctem vícerit
    revéctans rursus sol diem.

  3. Te nunc, ne carnis gáudia
    blandis subrépant ǽstibus,
    dolis ne cedat sǽculi
    mens nostra, sancte, qǽsumus.

  4. Ira ne rixas próvocet,
    gulam ne venter íncitet,
    opum pervértat ne famis,
    turpis ne luxus óccupet.

  5. Sed firma mente sóbrii,
    casto manéntes córpore
    totum fidéli spíritu
    Christo ducámus hunc diem.

  6. Præsta, Pater piíssime,
    Patríque compar Unice,
    cum Spíritu Paráclito
    regnans per omne sǽculum. Amen.
  1. The paling night now recedes
    at the arrival of the approaching day,
    and the bright bearer of light is here
    blunting the light of the stars.

  2. Joyful, we now surge from our beds
    singing of your graces,
    for the sun has conquered blind night,
    bringing back the day.

  3. Let neither the joys of the flesh
    with the ardor of flattery crawl beneath
    nor, we ask, O Holy one,
    let our mind give way to tricks of the age.

  4. Let anger provoke no squabbles,
    nor gluttony incite the belly,
    nor hunger for wealth corrupt,
    nor shameless luxury occupy us.

  5. But, sober with a firm mind,
    remaining chaste in our body,
    may we conduct this entire day
    with a spirit faithful to Christ.

  6. Grant this, most blessed Father,
    and Sole-Begotten, equal to the Father,
    with the Spirit Paraclete
    reigning through every age. Amen.