The king’s flags (Vexílla regis)

Slower Faster

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  1. The king’s flags sally forth;
    the mystery of the cross shines brilliantly:
    in which the maker of flesh, in flesh
    hangs from a yoke.

  2. Who, so that he might wash away our crimes,
    was wounded above
    by the lance’s fearful, sharp edge
    and poured forth water and blood.

  3. O shining and lovely cross,
    decorated with a king’s purple [blood],
    O worthy trunk chosen
    to touch such holy limbs!

  4. Blessed are you on whose branches
    the world’s ransom hung;
    the body’s balance was made
    and hell’s plunder was brought.

  5. Greetings, altar; greetings, victim
    of the passion’s glory
    by which life endures death
    and by death restores life!

  6. Greetings, O cross, our only hope!
    in this time of the passion
    increase grace for the faithful
    and remove the crimes of our deeds.

  7. Let every spirit praise you,
    O Trinity, fountain of salvation;
    strengthen through the ages
    those you save through the mystery of the cross. Amen.