Optatus votis omnium

Magni triúmphum prœlii,
mundi perémpto príncipe,
Patris præséntans vúltibus
victrícis carnis glóriam.
Displaying before the Father
the triumph of a great battle
where the world’s ruler was destroyed,
the glory of conquering flesh.
In nube fertur lúcida
et spem facit credéntibus,
iam paradísum réserans
quem protoplásti cláuserant.
Carried up on a shining cloud
he gives hope to the faithful,
now rising to that paradise
which our first parents had closed.
O grande cunctis gáudium,
quod partus nostræ Vírginis,
post sputa, flagra, post crucem
patérnæ sedi iúngitur.
O great joy of all,
to whom our Virgin gave birth,
after being spat on, scourged, crucified,
he is now joined to the Father’s throne.
Agámus ergo grátias
nostræ salútis víndici,
nostrum quod corpus véxerit
sublíme ad cæli régiam.
Thus let us give thanks
to the protector of our salvation,
who has given life to our own body
exalting it in heaven’s court.
Sit nobis cum cæléstibus
commúne manens gáudium:
illis, quod semet óbtulit,
nobis, quod se non ábstulit.
Let us be with those in heaven
abiding in common joy:
to them, that he bestows himself,
to us, that he has not withdrawn.
Nunc, Christe, scandens ǽthera
ad te cor nostrum súbleva,
tuum Patrísque Spíritum
emíttens nobis cǽlitus. Amen.
Raise now our hearts to you, O Christ,
as you climb into the ether,
and by your divinity send us
the Spirit that is yours and the Father’s. Amen.