Sol, ecce, lentus

Slower Faster

  1. Mirántibus mortálibus
    sic te, Creátor próvide,
    leges vicésque témporum
    umbris dedísse et lúmini.

  2. Ac dum, tenébris ǽthera,
    siléntio preméntibus,
    vigor labórum déficit,
    quies cupíta quǽritur,

  3. Spe nos fidéque dívites
    tui beámur lúmine
    Verbi, quod est a sǽculis
    splendor patérnæ glóriæ.

  4. Est ille sol qui nésciat
    ortum vel umquam vésperum;
    quo terra gestit cóntegi,
    quo cæli in ævum iúbilat.

  5. Hac nos seréna pérpetim
    da luce tandem pérfrui,
    cum Nato et almo Spíritu
    tibi novántes cántica. Amen.
  1. Thus, providential Creator, have you given
    to admiring mortals
    laws and alternation of times
    though shadows and through light.

  2. And what is more, the strength of our labor
    grows weaker with the shadows
    covering heaven with silence,
    a desired quiet is sought,

  3. Rich with faith and hope,
    we your children are blessed
    by the light of the Word, which from the first age
    is the splendor of the Father’s glory.

  4. It is this sun which will never know
    sunset nor even evening;
    by which the earth longs to be shielded,
    by which the heavens in eternity rejoice.

  5. Grant us who renew our songs
    by a serene light,
    to enjoy fully, finally, forever
    with the Incarnate one and the blessed Spirit. Amen.