Verbum salutis omnium

Slower Faster

Te nunc illústrat cǽlitus
umbra fecúndi Spíritus,
gestes ut Christum Dóminum,
æquálem Patri Fílium.
Now the heavens light up
with the shadow of the fertile Spirit,
that you might carry Christ the Lord,
the Son who is equal to the Father.
Hæc est sacráti iánua
templi seráta iúgiter,
soli suprémo Príncipi
pandens beáta límina.
This is the sacred door
that remains continuously sealed,
opening its blessed threshold
to the supreme Prince alone.
Olim promíssus vátibus,
natus ante lucíferum,
quem Gábriel annútiat,
terris descéndit Dóminus.
One promised by the prophets,
born even before the light,
the Lord whom Gabriel announces
descends to the earth.
Læténtur simul ángeli,
omnes exsúltent pópuli:
excélsus venit húmilis
salváre quod períerat.
Let the angels now rejoice,
all the peoples exult:
the most high comes humbly
to save that which was perishing.
Sit, Christe, rex piíssime,
tibi Patríque glória
cum Spíritu Paráclito
in sempitérna sǽcula. Amen.
Glory to you and to the Father,
O Christ, most tender king,
with the Spirit Paraclete
into eternal ages. Amen.