Behold, a Loud Voice (Vox Clara)

Slower Faster

Mens iam resúrgat tórpida
quae sorde exstat sáucia,
sidus refúlget iam novum,
ut tollat omne nóxium.
Let the numbed mind now rise
which stands out wounded by filth,
now a new star shines,
that it might remove all poison.
E sursum Agnus míttitur
laxáre gratis débitum,
omnes pro indulgéntia
vocem demus cum lácrimis.
The Lamb is sent forth from on high
to loosen the debt of grace,
let us all give voice with tears
cry out for leniency.
Secúndo ut cum fúlserit
mundúmque horror cínxerit,
non pro reátu púniat,
sed nos pius tunc prótegat.
So that, when it shines a second time
and horror encloses the world,
he might not punish us for our crimes,
but tenderly protect us.
Summo Parénti glória
Natóque sit victória,
et Flámini laus débita
per sǽculorum sǽcula. Amen.
Glory to the highest Father
and victory to the Son,
and due praise to the Spirit
through ages of ages. Amen.