Te, Catharina, maximis

Slower Faster

Te, Catharína, máximis
nunc venerámur láudibus,
cunctae lumen Ecclésiae,
sertis ornáta plúrimis.
Catherine, light of the entire Church,
decorated with many garlands,
we now venerate you
with the highest praises.
Magnis aucta virtútibus
et vita florens ínclita,
húmili mente ac strénua
per crucis pergis trámitem.
Enlarged with great virtues
and flowering with a celebrated life,
you continue with humble and vigorous mind
along the way of the cross.
Stella vidéris pópulis
salúbris pacis núntia;
mores restáuras óptimos,
feróces mulces ánimos.
A star of salvation, you are seen by the peoples
as a proclaimer of peace;
you restore the highest morals,
you charm ferocious spirits.
Sancto compúlsa Spíritu,
igníta verba lóqueris,
quae lucem sapiéntiae,
aestus amóris íngerunt.
Compelled by the Holy Spirit,
your words glow with passion;
love's agitations bear
the light of the Spirit's wisdom.
Tuis confísos précibus,
virgo dilécta Dómino,
nos caritáte cóncitos
fac Sponsi regna quǽrere.
Virgin beloved by the Lord,
grant us, confident in your prayers
and inflamed by charity,
to seek the Bridegroom's kingdom.
Iesu, tibi sit glória,
qui natus es de Vírgine,
cum Patre et almo Spíritu
in sémpiterna sǽcula.
Glory to You, O Christ,
with the Father and the blessed Spirit
into eternal ages.