Luminis fons, lux

(The Mundelein Psalter offers only a chant for their English translation)
  1. Ecce transáctus labor est diéi,
    teque nos tuti sumus adnuénte;
    en tibi grates ágimus libéntes
    tempus in omne.

  2. Solis abcéssus ténebras redúxit:
    ille sol nobis rádiet corúscus
    luce qui fulva fovet angelórum
    ágmina sancta.

  3. Quas dies culpas hodiérna texit,
    Christus deléto pius atque mitis,
    pectus et puro rútilet nitóre
    témpore noctis.

  4. Laus tibi Patri, decus atque Nato,
    Flámini Sancto párilis potéstas,
    cuncta qui sceptro régitis suprémo
    omne per ævum. Amen.
  1. Behold, the day’s labor is complete,
    by your approving gaze we are protected;
    lo, we pour out our thanks to you
    in all time.

  2. The sun’s retreat brings back the shadows:
    may that glittering sun radiate on us
    with a reddish-yellow light may it warm
    the holy flocks of angels.

  3. Those faults we committed today
    our tender and gentle Christ has covered by annihilation,
    may he redden our breast with a pure brightness
    during the hour of night.

  4. Praise to you, Father, and honor to the one who was Born,
    equal power to the Blowing Spirit,
    who reign over all things with a supreme scepter
    through every age. Amen.