Candor ætérnæ

Candor ætérnæ Deitátis alme,
Christe, tu lumen, vénia atque vita
advénis, morbis hóminum medela,
porta salutis.

Intónat terræ chorus angelórum
cælicum carmen, nova sæcla dicens,
glóriam Patri, generíque nostro
gáudia pacis.

Qui iaces parvus dóminans et orbi,
Virginis fructus sine labe sanctæ,
Christe, iam mundo potiáris omni,
semper amándus.

Násceris cælos pátriam datúrus,
unus e nobis, caro nostra factus;
ínnova mentes, trahe caritátis
péctora vinclis.

Cœtus exsúltans canit ecce noster,
ángelis læto sociátus ore,
et Patri tecum parilíque Amóri
cántica laudis. Amen.

— Liber Hymnarius
O Christ,
blessed radiance of the Eternal Godhead,
medicine for man's illnesses, gate of salvation,
you come as our light, our pardon, our way.

A choir of angels sings to the earth
a heavenly hymn, speaking of a new age,
glory to the Father, and to the begotten
the joys of peace.

You lie here, a small child destined to rule the world,
fruit of a holy, unstained Virgin —
O Christ, ever to be loved,
you now acquire mastery of all the world.

One from us! made from our flesh!
born to deliver a homeland in the heavens!
Renew our minds, and by the bonds of charity
draw our hearts to you.

Behold, our exultant company
in union with the angels, sings with joyful mouth
songs of praise,
to the Father, to you, and equally to Love.

— Hymnbook (Solesmes Abbey)