Iam lucis orto

Slower Faster

  1. Linguam refrénans témperet,
    ne litis horror ínsonet;
    visum fovéndo cóntegat,
    ne vanitátes háuriat.

  2. Sint pura cordis íntima,
    absístat et vecórdia;
    carnis terat supérbiam
    potus cibíque párcitas;

  3. Ut, cum dies abscésserit
    noctémque sors redúxerit,
    mundi per abstinéntiam
    ipsi canámus glóriam.

  4. Deo Patri sit glória
    eiúsque soli Fílio
    cum Spíritu Paráclito,
    in sempitérna sæcula. Amen.
  1. May he place a break on our tongue,
    that it not sound with horrid quarrels,
    may he cover our sight with his warmth,
    that it might not take in vanities.

  2. May our heart’s inner chamber remain pure,
    and may it abstain from folly;
    may a simplicity of food and drink
    rub away the pride of the flesh;

  3. So that, when the day recedes
    and brings back the abundance of night,
    we,cleansed by this abstinence,
    might sing his glory.

  4. Glory to God the Father
    and to his only Son
    with the Spirit Paraclete
    into eternal ages. Amen.