Radix Iesse

Slower Faster

Radix Iesse iam flóruit
et virga fructum édidit;
fecúnda partum prótulit
et virgo mater pérmanet.
Jesse's root now flowers
and his branch* brings forth fruit:
a fruitful mother has given birth,
and yet she remains a virgin.*
Præsépe poni pértulit
qui lucis auctor éxstitit;
cum Patre cælos cóndidit,
sub matre pannos índuit.
She has brought forth the author of light,
who comes forth to be lain down in the stable;
with His Father he put up the stars,
beneath his mother he puts on rags.
Legem dedit qui sæculo,
cuius decem præcépta sunt,
dignándo factus est homo
sub legis esse vínculo.
To one age he gave the law,
whose commandments are ten,
thinking it worthy to be made man,
to be under the bond of the law.
Iam lux salúsque náscitur,
nox díffugit, mors víncitur;
veníte, gentes, crédite:
Deum María prótulit.
Now are light and salvation** born!
Night is put to flight, death is conquered!
Draw near, O peoples, and believe:
Mary has given birth to God!
Iesu, tibi sit glória,
qui natus es de Vírgine,
cum Patre et almo Spíritu,
in sempitérna sæcula. Amen.

— Liber Hymnarius
O Jesus, born of the Virgin,
glory be given to you,
with the Father and the blessed Spirit,
for ever. Amen.

— Hymnbook

*The English loses the Latin's play on words:
  • branch=virga,
  • virgin=virgo
**salvation=salus, so well-being is implied