Magnæ Deus potentiæ

  1. Demérsa lymphis ímprimens,
    subvécta cælis írrogans,
    ut, stirpe una pródita,
    divérsa répleant loca:

  2. Largíre cunctis sérvulis,
    quos mundat unda sánguinis,
    nescíre lapsus críminum
    nec ferre mortis tǽdium,

  3. Ut culpa nullum déprimat,
    nullum levet iactántia,
    elísa mens ne cóncidat,
    eláta, mens ne córruat.

  4. Præsta, Pater piíssime,
    Patríque compar Únice,
    cum Spíritu Paráclito
    regnans per omne sǽculum. Amen.
  1. Pressing down the deep waters,
    appointing heaven’s upward flow,
    so that, brought forth from one source,
    they might refill various places:

  2. Bestow on all your servants,
    whom a wave of blood cleans,
    to know no lapse into misdeeds,
    nor to carry the weariness of death,

  3. So that guilt might weigh nothing down,
    boastfulness might lift nothing up,
    a shattered mind might not fall to earth,
    a haughty mind might not fall into ruin.

  4. Grant this, most blessed Father,
    sole-begotten, equal to the Father,
    reigning through every age
    with the Spirit Paraclete. Amen.