Iesu, nostra redemptio

Quæ te vicit cleméntia,
ut ferres nostra crímina,
crudélem mortem pátiens,
ut nos a morte tólleres;
What mercy so overwhelmed you
that you would bear our crimes,
suffering a cruel death
that you might take us from death,
Inférni claustra pénetrans,
tuos captívos rédimens;
victor triúmpho nóbili
ad dextram Patris résidens?
entering the gates of hell,
redeeming your captives,
[leaving as] conqueror with worthy triumph
to take your seat at the Father’s right hand?
Ipsa te cogat píetas,
ut mala nostra súperes
parcéndo, et voti cómpotes
nos tuo vultu sáties.
So may tenderness compel you
to overcome our wickedness
by forbearance, and possessing [our] prayer
you might sate us with your countenance.
Tu esto nostrum gáudium,
qui es futúrus prǽmium;
sit nostra in te glória
per cuncta semper sǽcula. Amen.
Be our joy,
you who are our future reward;
may our glory be in you
through all ages, for ever. Amen.