Verbum Supernum (Appearing from on High)

Slower Faster

  1. In mortem a discípulo
    suis tradéndus ǽmulis;
    prius in vitæ férculo
    se trádidit discípulis.
  2. Quibus sub bina spécie
    carnem dedit et sánguinem,
    ut dúplicis substántiæ
    totum cibáret hóminem.
  3. Se nascens dedit sócium,
    convéscens in edúlium,
    se móriens in prétium,
    se regnans dat in prǽmium.
  4. O salutáris hóstia,
    quæ cæli pandis óstium,
    bella premunt hostília:
    da robur, fer auxílium.
  5. Uni trinóque Dómino
    sit sempitérna glória,
    qui vitam sine término
    nobis donet in pátria. Amen.
  1. About to be handed, by his own disciple,
    to those who envied him, to put him to death,
    first he hands himself over
    to his disciples, on a dish.
  2. To them he gave his flesh and blood
    in a dual appearance,
    so that with a twofold substance
    he might give his entire humanity as food.
  3. Arising, he gave his friends,
    eating with them,
    himself dying as ransom,
    he gives himself, reigning, as reward.
  4. O offering of salvation,
    you open heaven’s gate,
    enemies press a hard battle:
    grant strength, bring assistance.
  5. Eternal glory be
    to the Lord one and three,
    who gives life without end
    in our homeland. Amen.