Æterne rerum conditor

(The Mundelein chant is the same as the Benedictine.)
  1. Eternal maker of all things,
    you rule the night and the day,
    and you give the divisions of time
    that you might relieve boredom.

  2. Day’s herald now sounds,
    ever watchful through the depths of night,
    a light at night for travelers
    that separates night from night.

  3. This wakened light
    relieves the heavens from darkness;
    this entire choir of wanderers
    forsakes the paths of wickedness.

  4. This ship gathers strength
    and the sea’s seething floods grow mild;
    this, Peter’s own Church,
    by singing, washes away fault.

  5. Jesus, look upon your wavering ones
    and as you watch, correct us;
    if you watch us, our faults themselves fall
    and our guilt dissolves in tears.

  6. True light, illuminate our senses,
    and dispel the mind’s drowsiness;
    may our voice sing first of you
    and fulfill our vows to you.

  7. Glory to you and to the Father,
    Christ, most blessed king,
    with the Spirit Paraclete,
    into eternal ages.