Ex more docti mystico

Solesmes’ Liber Hymnarius
  1. Taught by mystical custom,
    let us keep abstinence,
    with the well-known guide
    of four cycles of ten days.

  2. First the law and the prophets
    offered this example, and later
    Christ, the king and maker of all times,
    made it holy.

  3. Let us therefore make use
    of fewer words, foods, and drinks,
    of less sleep, and let us stand firmly
    with a more careful sense of humor.

  4. And let us avoid the worst things
    which undermine our minds,
    and let us give no quarter
    to the ingenious and tyrannical foe.

  5. Grant, blessed Trinity,
    allow, simple unity,
    that these gifts of moderation
    might be fruitful to your servants. Amen.