Christe, precamur adnue

Cesarius of Arles

  1. Te corda nostra sómnient,
    te per sopórem séntiant,
    tuámque semper glóriam
    vicína luce cóncinant.

  2. Vitam salúbrem tríbue,
    nostrum calórem réfice,
    tætrum noctis calíginem
    tua collústret cláritas.

  3. Hymnis vota persólvimus,
    vespérque sacrum póscimus
    nostrum delens chirógraphum
    tuúmque præstans éditum.

  4. Præsta, Pater omnípotens,
    per Iesum Christum Dóminum,
    qui tecum in perpétuum
    regnat cum Sancto Spíritu. Amen.
  1. May our hearts dream of you,
    may they feel your even through sleep,
    and may they ever sing your glory
    with a light nearby.

  2. Bestow a healthy life,
    refresh our energy,
    and may your brilliance brighten every corner
    of night's loathsome gloom.

  3. We fulfill our vows with hymns
    and we request a holy eve,
    blot out our bond
    and grant your acknowledgment.

  4. Grant this, all-powerful Father,
    through Jesus Christ the Lord,
    who reigns with you and the Holy Spirit
    for ever. Amen.