Deus, creator omnium

God, creator of all
and ruler of heaven,
clothing day with a graceful light,
night with the grace of sleep,

So that rest might restore harried limbs
freed from the exercise of labor,
and alleviate wearied minds
and free them from anxious grief,

Now thankful at day’s completion
and rising to night’s prayers,
singing, we release a hymn
that you might help us who are obliged by a vow.

Let us sing from the depths of our heart,
let melodious voices come together,
may a chaste love prefer you to all,
let a sober mind adore you,

So that, when the profound darkness
of night closes day,
faith might not know any shadow
and night might light up anew with faith.

We implore this of Christ and the Father,
and of Christ’s and the Father’s Spirit,
one power through all times,
Trinity: care for us who pray to you.