Nox et tenebræ

Slower Faster

  1. Calígo terræ scínditur
    percússa solis spículo,
    rebúsque iam color redit
    vultu niténtis síderis.

  2. Sic nostra mox obscúritas
    fraudísque pectus cónscium,
    ruptis retéctum núbibus,
    regnánte palléscet Deo.

  3. Te, Christe, solum nóvimus,
    te mente pura et símplici
    rogáre curváto genu
    flendo et canéndo díscimus.

  4. Inténde nostris sénsibus
    vitámque totam díspice:
    sunt multa fucis íllita
    quæ luce purgéntur tua.

  5. Sit, Christe, rex piíssime,
    tibi Patríque glória
    cum Spíritu Paráclito,
    in sempitérna sǽcula. Amen.
  1. Earth’s darkness is rent,
    struck by the sun’s ray,
    and it gives color back to each thing,
    by the face of the shining star.

  2. Thus may our darkness
    and spirit conscious of sin
    uncovered by the breaking clouds
    whiten under the ruling God.

  3. Christ, may we be acquainted with you alone,
    may we learn to pray to you
    with a pure and simple mind
    singing and weeping on bent knee.

  4. Direct our senses
    to see clearly all life's facets:
    many things are smeared with disguises
    which are purified by your light.

  5. Glory to you, Christ, most blessed king,
    and to the Father,
    with the Holy Spirit,
    into eternal ages. Amen.