Plasmator hominis, Deus

  1. Qui magna rerum córpora,
    dictu iubéntis vívida,
    ut sérviant per órdinem
    subdens dedísti hómini:

  2. Repélle a servis tuis
    quicquid per immunditiam
    aut móribus se súggerit,
    aut áctibus se intérserit.

  3. Da gaudiórum prǽmia,
    da gratiárum múnera;
    dissólve litis víncula,
    astrínge pacis foedera.

  4. Præsta, Pater piíssime,
    Patríque compar Únice,
    cum Spíritu Paráclito
    regnans per omne sǽculum. Amen.
  1. You placed under man’s dominion
    the great bodies of creation,
    decreeing with vivid speech
    that they should serve in their place:

  2. Drive far from your servants
    anything which through impurity
    might either suggest itself to our customs,
    or add itself to our actions.

  3. Grant us the rewards of joy,
    grant the gifts of grace;
    shatter the chains of quarrelsomeness,
    tighten the bonds of peace.

  4. Grant this, most blessed Father,
    and Sole-begotten, equal to the Father,
    reigning through every age
    with the Spirit Paraclete. Amen.