Living Journal

Sort of like a weblog, except that the reader can comment only via email, and I reserve the right to go back and edit previous entries to better express what I meant to say. I’ll try to update this once a week, but I doubt that will happen routinely.

Disclaimer: The point is to exercise my writing and examine my thinking, so things will undergo revision. I’ll generally try to indicate when something is revised, and I’ll also try to include the older text. However, this is all maintained by hand, because I’m crazy, so I don’t guarantee anything beyond the fact that I wrote everything here at one point. Though, given the existence of hackers, I’m not even sure I can guarantee that!

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20 June 2022 My little corner of the worldEpistulæ
11 June 2022 Thrice praised be GodReligion
11 June 2022 The Great Smokey MountainsDiary, Epistulæ
23 May 2022 Borrowing in RustComputers
20 May 2022 19 May 2022 A first Rust macroComputers, Diary
22 May 2022 19 November 2021 Ada, SPARK, and MathematicsComputers, Diary
23 October 2021 Creativity, the lost art“Humor”
27 September 2021 A problem with Two-Factor AuthenticationComputers, Security
8 September 2021 Bishop Barron on Jairus and the WidowLiterature
8 September 2021 5 September 2021 Lies, damn lies, and statistics: Transubstantiation EditionReligion, Mathematics
15 August 2021 Literature’s MirrorLiterature
8 August 2021 Mary and ZechariahReligion
20 July 2021 Mailer daemons?“Humor”, Computers
18 July 2021 Everything you need to know about life, you can learn from Italian card games“Humor”, Italy
5 July 2021 The Trackers in our SystemsComputers, “Humor”
2 July 2021 The Advent of Code in AdaComputers, Diary
27 June 2021 St. Agatha’s PrayerReligion
27 June 2021 St. Agnes’ PrayerReligion
17 June 2021 “Losing Christ”Religion, “Humor”
13 June 2021 9 June 2021 Easter’s originReligion, Apologetics
9 June 2021 I demand a refund (fortune cookie edition)“Humor”
17 May 2021 Junk SocietyCulture
1 January 2021 DuneLiterature
1 January 2021 Salutatorian’s address, Warwick High School, Class of 1989 Diary
7 November 2020 Losing weightDiary