Thrice-praised be God

Laudent te, Dómine, ora nostra,
laudet ánima,
laudet et vita,
et quia tua múneris est quod sumus,
tuum sit omne quod vivimus.
— from Lauds / Morning Prayer,
    2nd Saturday of the 4-week cycle,
    Ordinary Time / Season of the Year
My (not-so-good) literalistic translation:
Let our mouths praise you, O Lord,
let our souls praise you,
let our lives praise you,
and as it is your gift that we exist,
may every aspect of our existence be yours.
Compare to the existing (official) ICEL translation:
we praise you
with our lips,
and with our lives and hearts.
Our very existence is a gift from you;
to you we offer all that we have and are.
I don’t understand why ICEL is obsessed with avoiding the subjunctive, but otherwise it’s not unreasonable a translation.

By the way, the hyper-attentive reader will conclude, not incorrectly, that I neglected to notice that today is St. Barnabas’ day.