The Spiritual Combat

of Don Lorenzo Scupoli, CR

Table of Contents


Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1: The Nature of Christian Perfection

Part II: The First Two Weapons of the Spiritual Combat
Chapter 2: Mistrust of Self
Chapter 3: Confidence in God
Chapter 4: How to determine if one acts with mistrust of oneself and confidence in God
Chapter 5: An error of many who believe cowardliness to be a virtue
Chapter 6: Other Counsels to help acquire mistrust of oneself and confidence in God

Part III: The Third Weapon of the Spiritual Combat
Chapter 7: Spiritual Exercise
Chapter 8: Reasons we do not discern things rightly, and how to discern them well
Chapter 9: Something else from which to guard the intellect
Chapter 10: The end to which all interior and exterior actions should be directed
Chapter 11: Inducing the will to desire the approval of God in everything
Chapter 12: The struggles among our many desires
Chapter 13: Fighting the impulses of the sensual will and acquiring virtuous habits
Chapter 14: What to do when the Will seems defeated
Chapter 15: Warnings about the method of combat
Chapter 16: How to prepare for Battle in the morning
Chapter 17: Orders for combat against the depraved passions
Chapter 18: How to resist sudden impulses
Chapter 19: Battling against the vice of the flesh
Chapter 20: Battling negligence
Chapter 21: Governing the Senses
Chapter 22: Using the Senses to pass to meditation
Chapter 23: Other ways of regulating the Senses
Chapter 24: Controlling the Tongue
Chapter 25: Fleeing Disquiet and Disturbance of the Heart
Chapter 26: What we must do when we are wounded

Part IV: The Enemy's Deceptions
Chapter 27: The Demon's strategy in battle and in deception
Chapter 28: Tactics and Deceits with those enslaved in Sin
Chapter 29: Why our Resolutions do not have their Desired Effect
Chapter 30: The Enemy's Trap
Chapter 31: The Enemy's Attempts to induce one to quit the Road to Virtue
Chapter 32: The Final Assault and Deception

Part V: Virtues
Chapter 33: How to Defeat Sinful Passions and Acquire New Virtues
Chapter 34: Acquiring Virtues little by little
Chapter 35: How Virtues are Acquired
Chapter 36: Progress in Virtue requires Constant Attention
Chapter 37: Never Flee Opportunities to Acquire Virtue
Chapter 38: How Precious these Opportunities are
Chapter 39: Exercising the Same Virtue in Different Occasions
Chapter 40: The Time Necessary to Devote to Acquiring Virtue
Chapter 41: Do Not Desire Freedom from Trouble
Chapter 42: Opposing the Trap of Indiscretion
Chapter 43: Resisting Rash Judgments of One's Neighbor

Part VI: The Fourth Weapon of the Spiritual Combat
Chapter 44: Prayer
Chapter 45: Mental Prayer
Chapter 46: Meditative Prayer
Chapter 47: Another form
Chapter 48: Prayer by means of the Virgin Mary
Chapter 49: Considerations to help one turn to the Virgin Mary with confidence
Chapter 50: Prayer by means of the angels and all saints
Chapter 51: Meditations concerning the Passion of Christ
Chapter 52: Profits from meditation on the crucified one

Part VII: Communion
Chapter 53: The Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist
Chapter 54: Receiving the Eucharist
Chapter 55: Preparing for Communion
Chapter 56: Spiritual Communion
Chapter 57: Thanksgiving
Chapter 58: Offering

Part VIII: Final Remarks on Prayer and the Combat
Chapter 59: Regarding “spiritual feelings” and dryness
Chapter 60: The Examination of Conscience
Chapter 61: Necessity of fighting continually

Part IX: At Death
Chapter 62: Preparing oneself against the Enemy's assault at death
Chapter 63: Assault against Faith
Chapter 64: Assault against Hope
Chapter 65: Assault against Humility
Chapter 66: Assault of Illusions and False Appearances

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