The Spiritual Combat

Chapter 53:

The most holy sacrament of the Eucharist

As you have already seen, beloved daughter, until here I have provided you with four weapons which you need to conquer your enemies. I have also provided many guidelines for how to use them well. Now, however, it remains to propose to you another, the most holy sacrament of the Eucharist. Just as this sacrament excels all the other sacraments, so does this fifth weapon excel all the others.

The four weapons mentioned above derive their value from the merits and grace that Christ’s blood has obtained for us, but this weapon is the very same blood and flesh, with the Christ’s soul and divinity, as well! With the first four weapons, we battle our enemies with Christ&rsuqo;s virtue. With this weapon, we battle them with Christ himself, and Christ battles along with us, for whoever eats Christ’s flesh and blood remains with Christ, and Christ with him (see John 6⋅56-57). Morever, this weapon can be managed, and this most holy sacrament can be received in two ways: You ought to use this second method very often, and the first one every time the opportunity is granted to you.

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