The Spiritual Combat

Chapter 11:

Some considerations that induce the will
to desire the approval of God in everything.

Besides most easily inducing your will to desire the approval and the honor of God in all things, remember often that he has honored and loved you first, in many ways. In your creation, he made you from nothing into his likeness, and has put all other creatures at your service (see Gen. 1:26-28). In your redemption, he sent not an angel but his only-begotten Son to redeem you, not with the corruptible price of gold and silver, but with his own precious blood (see 1 Peter 1.18-19) and with his pitiable and ignominious death. And then every hour he guards you from enemies, fights for you with his grace, keeps his beloved Son continually ready for your defense and your food in the Sacrament of the altar. Is this not an incalculable sign of the esteem and love that the immense God holds for you? So that no one can understand how great a consideration our Lord has of us poor little ones, of our lowness and misery, and vice-versa that which we are held to do for such a great Majesty, who has done so many great this for us. If the Lords of the earth, when they are honored by poor and humble persons, feel themselves obliged to give them honor, what should our baseness do upon seeing of the high appraisal and love of the supreme king of the universe?

Beyond what I have said here, keep always above every thing a vivid recollection that the divine Majesty infinitely deserves by his very nature to be honored and served, simply because such is his desire.

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