The Spiritual Combat

Chapter 57:


Insofar as every good that we have and every good we do is of God and from God, we ought to give him thanks for our every good exercise, for every victory, and for all the benefits we receive from his merciful hand, be they particular or common. To do this in the appropriate manner, we ought to consider the end for which the Lord moves himself to communicate his graces to us, for from this consideration and this awareness we might learn the manner in which God desires us to thank him.

Inasmuch as the Lord intends every benefit above all to show his own honor and to draw us to love and serve him, first consider this to yourself: “With what power, wisdom and goodness has my God granted and given this benefit and this grace!”

Then, seeing that there is within you nothing profitable which comes from you, indeed there is nothing from you aside from demerit and ingratitude, say to the Lord with profound humility, “And how is it, O Lord, that you deign to look on a dead dog, granting me so many benefits? Blessed be your name from age to age!”

Finally, seeing that with this benefit he wants to be loved and served by you, inflame yourself with love towards a Lord so loving, and with a sincere desire to serve him in a manner pleasing to him. In this way you will come to a full offering, that you will make in the following manner.
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